Day 5 European Masters

After 5 days, the results are in.

5 Gold Medals

12 Silver Medals

5 Bronze Medals and 3 for individual events and 2 Relay Medals.

This is an absolutely fantastic result. Well done to everyone.

Day 5 press release

Full Results

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Aisling Mc Keever for her brilliant work at keep us up to date at the end of each day of how everyone did with her reports. I think she has a lunch date with the Queen today to wind down.

Day 1 European Masters London

So it’s finally here! The European Masters have gotten off to a swimmingly good start! 4 events rum.  4 medals (3 silver and 1 bronze) won.
Well done to Dymphna Morris and Normal Cahill who both won silver in their age groups in the 800m freestyle.

Robby Genest also won silver I’m the 800m freestyle.

Kieran Kelleher picked up bronze I’m the 200m IM.  

Well done everyone on representing Ireland on day 1!

Lets see what tomorrow brings!

Results of events can be found on this link here.

European Masters!!!

With it fast approaching and the wind down starting IMS just  want to wish all the Irish competitors taking part in London over the next few days, the very very best of luck!!


The countdown is on….


Only two weeks to the European Masters!!!!!
A fantastic point to note but This will be the largest group of Irish Masters swimming at any major meet.

People will be green with envy, which so happens to be the colour of the tshirt….get it….😊

If you are going you will already have seen the following but if not you might like to see what you are missing.

Best of luck to all of ye in green! May the luck of the Irish be with you!!!

Europeans entry list

Pictured above are the wonderful participants heading over to compete with Lars down in UL a few weeks at a training camp. A great day was had with Lars. Thank you to him and well done to those who took part.

Good luck guys .

Masters Relay Results

2016-05-04 19.06.21Well dome to all who competed on Saturday in the Masters Relay. According to sources (Jeff). There was a great crowd at thw evwnt. A special mention to those who competed in the fun relay where some had the pleasure of swimming on the winning relay with Mr Andrew Bree (Jeff). Results can be found Here.

Also congrats to Dymphna Morris (pictured above left at the Masters Relay) and Norma Cahill (far right) who received their European Records from the President of Swim Ireland Michael Angus (centre). Norma broke the 400 and 800m fc record under 50 and Dymphna broke the 1500m fc record under 55.

Well done ladies.

Thanks to Jim Stit for the picture.

Masters session in the NAC Saturday

Hi All
Best of luck to all competing on Saturday!
Plan for the day is as follows:
12.00 Registration and payment (on balcony under scoreboard)
12.30 Warm-up
12.50 4 x 50m medley relay (2 heats)
13.05 Andrew Bree
13.40 4 x 50m freestyle relay (2 heats)
13.55 Andrew Bree
14.30 4 x 200m freestyle relay (1 heat)
14.45 Andrew Bree
15.30 ? x 50m relay (open to all)
15.45 Finish
If you are going to the Europeans in London you can pick up your gear also under the scoreboard.
If you are going to London but can’t make it to the NAC Aisling will be in Limerick on May 8th to distribute gear.