Masters Relay Results

2016-05-04 19.06.21Well dome to all who competed on Saturday in the Masters Relay. According to sources (Jeff). There was a great crowd at thw evwnt. A special mention to those who competed in the fun relay where some had the pleasure of swimming on the winning relay with Mr Andrew Bree (Jeff). Results can be found Here.

Also congrats to Dymphna Morris (pictured above left at the Masters Relay) and Norma Cahill (far right) who received their European Records from the President of Swim Ireland Michael Angus (centre). Norma broke the 400 and 800m fc record under 50 and Dymphna broke the 1500m fc record under 55.

Well done ladies.

Thanks to Jim Stit for the picture.

Masters session in the NAC Saturday

Hi All
Best of luck to all competing on Saturday!
Plan for the day is as follows:
12.00 Registration and payment (on balcony under scoreboard)
12.30 Warm-up
12.50 4 x 50m medley relay (2 heats)
13.05 Andrew Bree
13.40 4 x 50m freestyle relay (2 heats)
13.55 Andrew Bree
14.30 4 x 200m freestyle relay (1 heat)
14.45 Andrew Bree
15.30 ? x 50m relay (open to all)
15.45 Finish
If you are going to the Europeans in London you can pick up your gear also under the scoreboard.
If you are going to London but can’t make it to the NAC Aisling will be in Limerick on May 8th to distribute gear.

Munster Open Water News

Hi All

Slightly off topic (not indoor) but related (out door).

Here is the Munster open water DRAFT calendar. It may be subject to change so keep an eye out. Anyhoo……The calendar so far for the summer months is here. Carol Cashell has added the links to the events that are now open, so if you re considering going, sign up soon.

If you are from another province, please send me on your calendar and I will include this also. You can email

If you do decide to swim in the open water outside of an organised event, swim safe and do not swim alone.


Masters Relays and Training Session

Good news and bad. The good news is you still have time to enter the relay gala .

The Relay gala and Training session are on 30th April. The closing date for the early bird payment is 21st.
If you just turn up for the training session it’ll cost you an extra euro and put Declan to a lot of trouble finding room for you.
Bad news the Limerick Session which is on the 8th is full and currently has a waiting list.

A roundup of swimming news

Thank yo to Jeff for the written up:

1) We had a great holiday/gala in Palma. The weather wasn’t as good as last year, in fact it poured with rain on Friday, but it was two weeks earlier than last year! There were 30 from Aer Lingus and another 30 from Sundays Well/Cork/Sandycove Island so plenty of Irish support. The Sunday session finished in time for a very long lunch with more than enough booze for all of us.
Results are here.  I entered the “Complete Swimmer” competition where they add the times from the four fifty’s and the 100 IM. Unusually there were 5 or 6 swimmers in my age group (70 -74) and the winner set three European records!! I was last!!!!
2) While we were looking for the sun in Palma another team were in Sheffield at the British Masters. Dymphna Morris put together the following results. She reckons there were 16 Golds 5 Silvers, 5 Bronzes and 14 Irish records (STR). Thanks Dymphna
3) The LEN Top Ten Rankings are out There are a few errors which I hope LEN will sort out (Ladies S/C missing and a few names wrong (I finally got a mention — by mistake!!))
I’ve put together the rankings as I think they should be. Well done guys!
4) Here’s the latest Munster Records.
5) Finally!! Info attached on the Masters Relay Galaand Long Course Training on Sat 30th April and a link to the Masters training session in Limerick

Update on Kingdom Masters

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.

Session 1 warm up 8.30am to 9.50am. Start time 10.00am
Session 2 warm up 1.45pm to 2.35pm. Start time 2.45pm.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tim O Connell.

Master’s Relay Meet plus Training Day

Master’s Relay Meet plus Training Day
SWIM IRELAND MASTERS are proud to present a Master’s Relay Meet plus Training Day to be held on Saturday 30th April 2016.
The event will be held during the downtime of the Swim Ireland National Long Course Championships in the National Aquatic Centre between approximately 12.30 (registration at 12 noon) and 3.45pm (depending on the times of the SI gala). Swim Ireland are facilitating the use of the pool to Master swimmers and without this assistance it would not be possible to run the event.
This event will give Club teams a great opportunity to practise relay racing and/or set Provincial and National relay records and will give individuals the opportunity to train in a Long Course session.
The event is open to ALL current registered Masters Swimmers. You do not have to compete as part of a relay team to partake in the training session or novelty relay.


The relay events are for Men, Ladies and Mixed teams; 4 X 50m Medley (max. 2 heats, 20 teams), 4 X 50m Freestyle (max. 2 heats, 20 teams) and 4 X 200m Freestyle (max. 1 heat, 10 teams). The novelty relay will be open to all individual entrants and teams will be drawn by lots.

A draft programme of the relays and training session is attached.
Age groups for relays:- 76 – 99 years, 100 – 119 years, 120 – 159 years, 160 – 199 years etc. and upwards in 40 year intervals. Age at 31st December and all competitors must be 19 years or over on the day of the swim and must be a current member of an affiliated club.
The early bird entry fee is €5.00 per individual and the closing date for receipt of entries is Thursday 21st April 2016. Relay team entries are free of charge but all relay participants must submit an individual entry by Thursday 21st April 2016 to avail of the early bird fee.
We don’t need payment up front but we do need to know if you are attending and entering teams so we need your entry forms before 21st April. DON’T send payment but pay on the day.
Late entries for Individuals for the training session will be accepted on the day but at an increased fee of €6.00.

All entries are to be sent to:
Relay Gala Organiser,

Declan Harte,

11, Temple View Downs,

Clare Hall,

Dublin, 13

Master’s Relay Meet plus Training Day
Saturday 30th April 2016, National Aquatic Centre, Dublin


12.00​Registration and payment (Concourse upstairs)


12.30 ​Organised warm-up


12.50 ​4 X 50m medley relays (2 heats)


13.10 ​Organised swim-down cum training set


13.40 ​4 X 50m freestyle relays (2 heats)


14.00 ​Organised swim-down cum training set


14.30 ​4 X 200m freestyle relays (1 heat)


15.00​Organised swim-down cum training set


15.30​? X 50m novelty freestyle relay




The organised training sets will be led by a guest coach (TBC).

There will be no medals issued but Irish and Regional relay records can be claimed.

The novelty relay will be open to all individual entrants and teams will be drawn by lots.

Masters relay gala and training event information 2015-2