SI Relay gala

Hi Folks, it is that time of the year again when the masters community are afforded down time at the nationals to hold the annual relay gala. The event will take place on Saturday 25th May with the following programme:

12.30 Warm up

12.55 – 4 x 100 freestyle (men/ladies/mixed)

13.20 – 4 x 100 Medley (men/ladies/mixed)

13.50 – 4 x 200 freestyle relay (men/ladies/mixed)

14.20 – ? X 50 Cannon freestyle relay (teams drawn by lot)

This year, it is permitted for teams from multiple clubs to enter combined relays, however they may not claim records. The fee is €5 per individual irrespective of how many races they compete in. Entries are to be emailed to mastersrecorder [at]

We ask that one club representative submits all the clubs entries with the following template.

Upon entry, the club representative will be issued a phone number with which to Revolut the entrance fees. Closing date for entries is Wednesday 22nd May.

No one stirred – not even a mouse

Hi Folks, a few things

  1. Sundays Well gala is open for entries (details here)
  2. Any swims you may have done during the year which you feel are contenders for the World Aquatics and or LEN top tens for 23, please submit them to mastersrecorder[at] by Jan 1st (any national records during the year will be submitted by default)
  3. Limerick Masters is open for entries
  4. Merry Christmas
  5. Happy New Year

Mallow Masters 23

Hi Folks,

You may or may not have heard that Mallow Masters are returning to the frey on the gala scene on their traditional day of the first Saturday in December (2nd).

The gala details can be dowloaded [here] and the gala can be entered [here]

Please do not confuse this link with the Celtic Masters link which is open until tomorrow night…

Records App

The records app which can be viewed on is now updated to Include all national, Leinster and Munster records.

Please be lenient with any errors or omissions on the system as there are now over 1600 records having been manually databased.

There is a facility to download your provincial cert (should you have one) but this will only appear as an option when you drill down to a single line item. If you arrive at a duplicate, let me know via mastersrecorder [at]

Connacht and Ulster records are on the ToDo list ….

Edit: Connacht records are now uploaded

Celtic Masters 23

Hi Folks! Its that time of year again where entries are now open for the Celtic Masters gala.

The event will take place on Sunday the 19th of November at the usual venue of the National Aquatic Centre. Again this year, it is a short course gala and more information is avaiable at

To go directly to individual entries, please take your browser to this link:

Masters Relay Gala ’23

The masters committee are announcing the annual relay gala in the National’s downtime. The gala will take place during the break between the morning and afternoon session of the Nationals on Saturday, April the 1st (Exact times to be confirmed) at the National Aquatic Centre.

The events are (Long Course):

4 x 100m Freestyle
4 x 100m Medley
4 x 200m Freestyle (2 heats)
4 x 50m Freestyle (1 heat with preference for older teams)

Teams intending to participate should send their relay team members, team seed time and ages / age group to mastersrecorder[at] and there is no fee.

Teams who enter without furnishing the names of all the team members, will go on the results anonymously as they wont be edited on the day. This may affect any intended record claims or top ten submissions.

The deadline for entrance will be Wednesday 28th March.